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My specialties: In depth

Anxiety & depression

Anxiety and depression are prevalent and can be major blocks to living a full life. Therapy will give you the tools to uncover the roots of the problem and allow you to recover with time and patience. 

Persistent low mood

Ever have the feeling that life is somehow not going right but you just can't seem to get out of the rut? It can feel demoralising and hopeless but therapy can give you clarity about the causes and also the ways to recover the joy in life. 

Grief, bereavement & loss

Losing a significant relative, friend or pet can cause significant difficulties in day to day life.  The loss of work or role in life can also cause distress. Therapy will allow you to explore your loss in order to find a way forward into a renewed appetite for life. 

Childhood trauma & abuse

The trauma that can result from childhood abuse, be it sexual, physical or emotional can leave lifelong wounds. I have the specialised skills necessary to guide you in the recovery process. 

Sexual assault trauma

Trauma of this kind can profoundly affect your feelings of safety and trust. I can help you negotiate a path to recovery and to discover a renewed faith in your ability to move beyond your past. 

Infidelity issues

Infidelity cuts to our sense of trust and safety in the world. In therapy we can rebuild your sense of safety and trust and help you find a new and exciting future.

Domestic violence

Recovering from domestic abuse which can leave you with feelings of guilt and shame is entirely possible.  Recovery also involves regaining trust in yourself and in others.

Self-esteem issues

Problems with our self esteem can have devastating effects on all areas of our lives. Self loathing and self hatred can mean that we live restricted lives internally and outwardly.  Therapy can help uncover the root of this habit and can give you the tools to rediscover a healthy balanced self-esteem and a pride in self.

Exploring identity & meaning

It can be challenging in today's world to find a life of meaning and significance. The demands of earning a living, raising a family, finding a career and supporting our loved ones can leave us with precious little time to pause and reflect on our meaning and existence. I can give you this space.  

Students training to become therapists

I very much enjoy working with students in training or therapists who require some personal therapy.

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